About us

We’re Claudio, Ariel and Marcelo Sobral, three brothers from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who decided to work solely in the making of knives since 2004.
Each one of us has a specific task in our workshop. Design of knives, forging, thermal treatment,
(handles), ornamentation and sheath making. We’re also in charge of taking pictures of the knives and customer service.

We use first quality materials and various metal working techniques. The majority of our pieces are made with San Mai steel and Damascus steel. We offer a wide variety of products to be able to satisfy the different needs of our customers, from a small Hunter to a big Sword.
We deliver knives to all parts of the world. We worked really hard during all these years and we keep on doing it as when we first started, always trying to better ourselves and surpass what we’ve already made.


Cas Brothers is a family which is greatly thankful to all of you who trust us and allow us to work in what we love to earn a living: knife making.

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